Two Descriptions Paper

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Two Descriptions Paper
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Two Descriptions Paper
Immediately upon walking through the elegant double doors, the sweet aroma of butter envelopes the air around me causing me to rapidly salivate. The smell of nacho cheese accompanies the butter fragrance and I quickly begin to picture the many tasty treats behind the square concession area that is located in front of me. Candy galore is perfectly aligned behind the glass case further enticing my taste buds. A perfect temperature keeps me comfortable and makes me wish my home's temperature could be this perfect. One well groomed attendant generously overfills a striped bag with freshly popped popcorn and delicately hands it to a young boy standing next to his mother. Colorful posters line the walls around me, showing a glimpse into what lies behind the doors located down the hallways. The softness of the bench I am sitting on causes me to wonder if I am perched upon a cloud. Intermittent bursts of laughter can be heard coming from down the long hallways as well as in the lobby creating an atmosphere of endless fun. Smiling faces of children, teenagers, and adults quickly pass by me and I can hear the attendant quickly tear their perforated tickets as he happily says, "To the left, third door on your right."

Immediately upon walking through the difficult to open double doors, the staunch odor of excessive butter fills my nostrils and causes me to ponder vomiting. A nacho cheese type stench mixes with the butter giving me an image of clogged arteries and high blood pressure. The candy behind the glass counter further adds to the 'heart attack waiting to happen' aura of this place. An air conditioning vent at the top of the wall is located perfectly in front of the bench I sit on and constantly blasts me in the face causing me to feel frigid. The horrific fabric on the bench feels like sandpaper. The voices of the dozens of people around me create a decibel level that...
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