Cellphones at School

Topics: Mobile phone, Education, Cellular network Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Cellphones at school, can be good.

A new school reality is coming, where one of the most used devices of new technologies becomes an element to add to the list of school supplies: the cell phone. Although their use is still restricted, the devices are present in the classroom in an illegal form. Children send messages, take pictures, and filmed each other or simply play, causing the distraction of all the students. The cell phones had become so popular that almost everyone have one inclusive children, their parents allowed them the use of cellphone for safety, control or any other purpose, this is why it is common to find many cellphones at school. But this had become a never ending war between students and teachers, because teachers think and know that cellphones are only use to send love messages, gossips, and even cheating on a the tests, and causes distractions to the students. Many teachers want to eradicate its use of cellphones in schools, but the students and most parents defend it, this is our reality so we have to learning to live with it, I think teachers have to modernize their teaching techniques, and learn that if you can’t defeat it, join them. Teachers have to understand that cellphones can be a great source or supply at school, you can use them for homework, messages homework, or games where the children are allow to call any one to ask for information, or any other creative form, teachers just need to put in mind the idea that cellphones can be good, and figure out the way to use it correctly. Remember that what doesn’t kill makes you stronger.
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