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Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Push-button telephone Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Should Las Cruces Public Schools
ban students from using cell phones at
school and at all school functions?

Olivia Acuña
ENG 111G27

Cell phones have created a new era of communication between students around the world. Some students believe cell phones are helpful to communicate with their friends and family. Others disagree and believe that cell phones are being used in an inappropriate manner, during and after school activities. I strongly believe that cell phones should be banned during school hours because it has created a negative impact on students. For example, lack of writing skills, bad manners and the inappropriate use of a cell phone as a weapon are some of the negative outcomes that cell phones has created on school grounds.

When students are in class supposedly to learn but they are using their cell phones at the same time, they are not paying attention to their teachers. They are giving all the attention to the text message, or calls that they receive on their phones. They don’t realize the negative impact they are going to earn with their lack of concentration. For example, students don’t realize of their grammar mistakes on their assignments, due to the texting. According to the Pew Research (2008) 50% of teens use informal writing in school assignments. Not only that but also 38% said that they had used abbreviations once in a while in their class work and finally 25% had used symbols instead of words (pg.2). This shows that using cell phones during class has affected student’s grammar skills and their learning ability. In addition, students may fail due to poor grades. On the other hand, some students believed that cell phones have nothing to do with the way they write. Instead they said it’s cool to use those abbreviations because everybody uses them. Others may blame the teacher for their lack of writing skills because they are not teaching right. Besides the lack of writing skills we see students using their...
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