Cell Bio Lab

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Cell Biology Lab - Homework 1
Due to the week of Oct. 6-10th

This is NOT a lab group project. Do the work individually. You may use any source other than your fellow students. Show your work, use your own words and cite all references.

1. (20 points) The HeLa S3 cancer cell line is considered to be “continuous” due to acquired mutations that enable the cells to evade senescence. This property is one of several hallmark characteristics of cancer cell lines. Describe three hallmark characteristics of cancer cells and summarize the history of the HeLa S3 cell line (be sure to describe the origin of the cells, the approximate year of their extraction and the required growing conditions – all of which can be found on the ATCC website).

2. (20 points) Cell culture media typically contain a blend of glucose, amino acids, salts, and a buffer. Majority of cell lines also require the addition of blood serum nutrients. Using the article “Managing Serum Requirements in Cell Culture”, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using serum for cell culture.

3. (10 points) Your lab partner made three 25 mL volumes of glucose at the following concentrations: 12 mg/mL, 24 mg/mL, and 27 mg/mL. Your lab protocol requires a large amount of 12 mg/mL gluocse, so you decide to combine all of the three solutions to make as much at that concentration as possible. How much 12 mg/mL glucose can you make? How much water will you need to add? Do you have enough glucose? 4. (20 points) You started with a cell count of 8.3 x 105 cells / ml in a total volume of 5.2ml. You need to seed a six-well plate with the following numbers. Calculate the volume of cell suspension and media you will need to transfer into 1 well. Each letter represents a different scenario. Do you have enough cells for each scenario?

a. 1.5 x 104 cells/mL and up to 2 mL / well
b. 4 x 105 cells/mL and up to 2 mL / well
c. 2.5 x 105 cells/well and up to 3 mL / well
d. 3.5 x 105 cells/well

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