Bio Lab 1

Topics: Scientific method, Empiricism, Science Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Bio Lab 1
Scientific Method
The scientific method in action, designing and Performancing and experiment does thumb diameter, length or write diameter’s have an effect on the overall chance of winning a thumb wrestling match? In this investigation, we will develop a hypothesis based on physical data collected and test the hypothesis. Material

Thumb, Ruler, Metric ruler
1. Measure the circumference of the thumb, in centimeters, at its widest point. Record this data in the table below 2. Measure the length of the thumb using metric ruler in centimeters from its tip to the end of its second joint. Record this data in the table below. 3. Measure the circumference of the wrist over the ulnar knob in centimeters and record this data in the table below. | A (cm)| B (cm)|

Thumb Length| 7| 6.2|
Thumb Circumference| 8.1| 7.8|
Wrist Circumference| 21| 18.9|

We would automatically assume that the longer the thumb is the higher the chances of it winning and because it has much more strength and mass. On the other hand, reflex, flexibility and strength is other factors also. A man with massive gaming experience or ball game experience may have higher winning possibilities than a man with less experience. Eventually, my hypothesis is the longer the thumb is the better chance he or she will win the thumb wresting game.

| Win| Loss|
Match 1| | Check|
Match 2| | Check|
Match 3| | Check|

For the three games, I play with the guy who have longer thumb. He beat me for all three times. There are other variable reason such as flexibility, reflection and strength, but the non-variable factor which is the thumb and major focusing variable factor which is length of the thumb have major influence of the result. Therefore, my hypothesis can be proved that the longer the thumb is the better opportunity of winning a thumb wresting game.
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