Celebrity Privacy

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Celebrity Privacy

How do you feel about celebrities and their privacy? Can you imagine being watched by reporters everyday of your life? Once celebrities reach a certain level of fame, their private lives become the topic of discussion among their fans and foes. Privacy is not guaranteed among famous people due to them constantly being stalked by the paparazzi and their fans. I feel reporters and the paparazzi should respect celebrities right to privacy because at the end of the day they are normal people who are just known by the world that come with the fame and fortune.

Celebrities are always being watched because of their fame and fortune. Everything they do from what they eat, what they wear, even their exercise routine is criticized by reporters and foes. According to the Huffington Post, their are two types of reporters. There are red carpet event reporters who are invited to the event and allowed to photograph the celebrities. Then you have the paparazzi, which are the reporters who stalk celebrities and photograph them without their consent. Britney Spears is a good example of why reporters need to back off of celebrities. Back in 2009, she attacked a reporter’s car with a umbrella. At the time of the incident, Britney was in the middle of going to rehab to get her life together. This reporter was very lucky because Britney could have hit him with umbrella instead of his car. Sometimes reporters go too far, when in contact with celebrities. A more recent incident is with Kanye West. Kanye West attacked the same reporter who was in a similar accident with Britney Spears. West was walking through the airport minding his own business, until these one reporter constantly asks him questions. There is a video of the incident, where you can hear the reporter asking Kanye questions. He didn’t respond to the reporter tactics until the end when he pushed he that the reporter was just trying to get a law suit then he pushed the camera and the fight...
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