Paparazzi Policy Speech

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Being a celebrity means putting up with people wanting to take pictures with you and signing your autograph all the time. Everyone understands its in the job description to be followed and stared at. But when does a person taking a harmless picture cross the line into harassment? Yes its sad to think that these people don't get any privacy anymore, but what most of us need to worry about is that it could affect us next. Paparazzi have gotten more wild and out of control over the years and if we don't do anything about it now, it will only get worse. SLIDESHOW

First we will go over exactly what the problem with the paparazzi is; such as how they are hired for magazines and abuse their power as a means to stalk individuals, not only celebrities but also professional athletes. Then we will find out the causes of the problem, and what effects they have had on the public, such as the laws that are currently in use but not working, and the injuries that innocent bystanders are getting because of the crazy paparazzi. Lastly, we will discover a solution for this dangerous situation, in which we will advertise high restrictions and greater punishments to any paparazzo who doesn't obey these laws.

Lets begin by discovering exactly why the paps are dangerous.

By not making enough restrictions for the paparazzi, we are basically encouraging them to continue to put our safety at risk. Paparazzi are described as freelance photographers who aggressively pursue celebrities to take candid pictures, which they plan to sell to magazines and tabloids for profit. According to an article in Suite 101 on August 7, 2008 written by Rachel Oliva, the term paparazzi actually comes from "paparazzo" which is italian for buzzing mosquito. You can definitly see the similarities.

Paparazzi are infamous for car chases, causing disruptions and many other tactics to try and get rises out of the celebrities they are stalking. They have no consideration or care for the people they put in danger in order for them to get the perfect picture. Sadly, magazines pay huge sums of money for these pictures. Another article from Suite 101 written by Tara Gilbert on October 18, 2007 speculated that a picture of a celeb with no make up on can go for more than $10,000. Therefore, a fine of a mere $500 for running a red light is well worth getting the picture.

Not only is this happening in the US, but in every country that celebs visit, you can count on a swarm of paparazzi being there. Especially in India, which is notorious for its terrible drivers, paparazzi are only making the conditions worse.

Athletes are also being victimized by the aggressive photographers. Imagine a professional football or baseball player with a huge game the next day, The last thing they need to worry about is being harassed and photographed, which only adds to the stress in their life.

In relation to us, we also have to worry about the paparazzi here in Malibu. Since we live in a place where many celebrities have chosen to live, we get to tell cool stories to our friends about seeing adam sandler in Malibu Yo. However we also have to worry about the photographers hiding behind bushes and jumping out into the street hoping to catch the stars in surprise. And driving down PCH we are very likely to get in an accident with a reckless paparazzo and a frantic celebrity.

David Halbfinger from the New York Times described in his article on June 9 2005 Some tactics that Paparazzi use to get the perfect picture, including using several vehicles to "box in" a celebrity's car, run the stars off the road, or chase them at a high speed. They recklessly put pedestrians, other drivers and even themselves at risk.

Celebrities themselves are speaking out about the paparazzi as well. According to the same New York Times article, Reese Witherspoon, Famous for her role on Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama, said a paparazzi actually tried to ram the back of her car, which they...
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