Do Celebrities Deserve Privacy

Topics: Internet, Privacy, Identity theft Pages: 5 (1038 words) Published: March 12, 2016

Do celebrities deserve privacy?
There is no doubt that the privacy is becoming a really serious issue in our daily lives. In addition,
everyone has his/ her own world and life that they do not want to share it with others. For example, in
the last decade, the development of social media and online technology changed the way of defining of
privacy. The privacy on the internet can be defined as “ the ability to control the conditions under which
personal information is disclosed to others"(Rosen, 2000). However, the concept of privacy is difficult to
understand and also is not that easy to define (Tavani, 1999) because this concept is linked with various
features just as the personal information, personal behaviour and currently,...

Throughout these media, the fans can easily know everything related to the stars .
However, well known people are wanting to lead simple normal lives without intense scrutiny as well.
This essay will discuss and illustrate people's opinions about privacy for the famous people.

For the social media matter with the famous people ,Some people think that the Internet has no privacy
now due to the dangerousness of sharing their information on the internet . Moreover, 81 percent of
internet users are worrying about threats to the privacy that they have while online. With today's
increasing usage of computers and the internet a whole new world know has taken shape.
( Encyclopedia Britannica,2014) . However, the abnormal people such a celebrities are annoyed and
suffering from lack of privacy. Catherine zeta Jones was extremely annoyed when the celebrity magazine
posted without a right pictures of their wedding day. She has reached at the High Court in central
London where she made a £500,000 damages claim against Hello! magazine (BBC, 2003).
Some people think that famous people should have their private lives as the normal people and...
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