Celebrity Baby Craze and Its Influence on Teens and Society

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Celebrity Baby Craze and its Influence on Teens and Society

            These days the media exposes in great detail the lives of celebrities. Every aspect of celebrity lifestyle is exposed from whom is in rehab, which celebrities have eating disorders, love scandals, and the most recent craze; who is becoming a mother. There are several magazines dedicated to celebrity dirt, and the past year these magazines have dedicated their pages to expectant celebrity mothers and their newly born children. Celebrity fads and crazes are known to spread like wild fire, and much of the population is influenced by these celebrity habits. But how much of an influence do celebrities really have on society namely teenage society? Teenage girls obsess over the latest trends and fashions, and the latest trend is motherhood.

 Like most girls my age I keep up with the tabloids not only to get the latest dirt but also to check out the latest styles and crazes. The latest craze that has caught my attention is the celebrity baby boom. This celebrity obsession with parenthood has caught my attention because it was not too long ago when celebrity mothers were hard to find because it takes valuable money-making time out of their careers, for models especially. And now it seems like everyone is sporting a baby bump. Celebrities are popping out babies like there going out of style!

The celebrity baby boom has increased visibility for pregnancy and in turn, started trends across the board. Whether its strollers, maternity clothes, or announcement stationary, all eyes are on these famous expecting parents (Even Celebrities Have to announce). There is so much emphasis on these pregnancies that the baby’s first photos have magazines paying enormous amounts of money just to publish pictures. People Magazine shelled out a reported 4.1million dollars for the north America exclusive of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt ( Qtd. in Even Celebrities need to announce). And OK! Magazine paid a reported one million dollars just for the story on the pregnancy of Jamie Lynn Spears (Celebrity Magazine, Pregnancy is a Bonus). 

Along with the trend of having becoming a mother, is becoming a mother out of wedlock. If celebrities have the power to influence our figures, wardrobes, along with an extensive list of others, is it not possible that their baby-making craze is spreading amongst those in our society who are not amongst the rich and famous? These celebrities further influence those teens that look up to them as role models. The celebrities make being a mom look glamorous; so glamorous that a baby is almost like the latest fashion accessory to date. Who loves to accessorize more than a teenage girl? Instead of a spy bag at hand there is an infant at hip.

            In schools, shopping malls, and around the dining room table, the subject of teenage pregnancy and sex was suddenly and uncomfortably in the air as mothers, daughters and fathers talked about or tried not to talk about the pregnancy of sixteen-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears. She plays the perfect, well liked and, it is understood, virginal teenage girl on “Zoey 101” on Nickelodeon (TV’s Perfect Girl is Pregnant; Real Families Talk). Jamie just so happens to be the younger sister of Britney Spears who ironically is a divorced mother of two. Could this be pure coincidence or mere sisterly influence? Jamie though only a “tween” star has the celebrity status and power just like another celebrity to influence her fans, the only difference is that her fans age begins as young as seven. I think it’s obvious to say no parent wants his or her seven-year-old child to think that it is okay to have a child so young.

Jamie Lynn was viewed by society as the good sister in the Spears family. Has this unexpected pregnancy hurt or helped Jamie Lynn? Has she lost her place as a role model; or has she found a new seat as a role model to the hundreds of thousands of...

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