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Topics: Fandom, Demographics, Popular culture Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Sara Hendrickson


English 1301

2 November 2012

Influence of Celebrities on Pop Culture

The pop culture of any area consists of many factors that ought to be considered when assessing the impact of any one specific icon. American pop culture specifically, has many symbols that represent the many different areas of pop culture and the preferences of the fans. Through an array of examples, the strong influence of celebrities on citizens of America can easily be seen through an analysis of the pop culture. The demographic, style, and behavior are three major areas in pop culture that most clearly show influence of major celebrities.

Different age groups. Different ethnic backgrounds. Different styles of music. All of the preceding are important factors that help make up the demographic influence of any one celebrity. Celebrities usually appeal to an age demographic similar to their own. For example, stars such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber appeal to tweens and teens in close proximity to their own ages. Another demographic related characteristic that makes celebrities appealing to fans is that of race. Members of the same race tend to support each other, this makes for a large margin of support by African American fans for rappers such as 50 Cent. Interests in one specific genre of music can also largely influence why some fans are drawn to certain music icons. A young, teen male that is interested in country and rock music will most likely not be an avid listener of rap. All of these different characteristics help narrow the fields in which celebrities have an impact on fans, their specific demographics of listeners will then be impacted far greater than music listeners overall.

One aspect that each stars’ relative demographic tends to observe and repeat is that of social behavior. Ranging from religion to politics, the views of celebrities are almost always reflected in their targeted demographics. Scientology has...
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