Bad Celebrity Influences

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Attention Getter: Everyone has done it. Thought about how cool it would be to have the life of a celebrity, which isn't a bad thing. (show slide) But some people are influenced by celebrities in the wrong way. Thesis/Preview: That's why today I am going to tell what celebrities are doing by giving a bad influence on society, why young adults are following their path, and what you can do to prevent loved ones from giving them attention.

So how exactly are celebrity's bad influences?
•Adult obsessions with sex are exposed into children's minds. (show slide) •Not only celebrity dolls, but Barbie dolls period, are designed specifically for the ages of 4-8, associates with adult sexuality. (show slide) •Some celebrities can care less about their health, reputation, careers, and most importantly the message they are sending to young adults. (show slide) (talk about going to see parent trap) •Celebrities advertise media images that easily influences young adults (especially girls) to focus on looks and sexuality •For example revealing clothing, perfect body and make-up, violence, guns, and drugs in music videos. (show slide) •Also tabloids and media showing celebrities drunk, smoking, etc can be seen by the public which means all ages who which they idolize or see as a hero. (show slide) -Sign post

So why do we idolize celebrities?
•Many people believe by copying the lifestyles of celebrities they can acquire an uniqueness that is worth living •Some teens are unsatisfied with their lives so they turn to celebrities who's lives are more interesting •They are portrayed are beautiful, wealthy, and can get anything they want, which anyone can admire. •We tend to look up to celebrities because they play a sport well or are on TV 24/7, but that shouldn't qualify them as a role model. (show slide) •A recent poll by Newsweek shows: (show slide)

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Many of you think well what if I don't idolize a celebrity? Well even if you don't, your friends,...
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