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Topics: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Diocletian Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Between 100 and 600 AD, the Roman Empire experienced division and unity of the empire with the contribution of religion, and language.
The government of the Roman Empire had more or less stayed the same through 100 CE and 600 CE. The system was called the Roman Republic where the male citizens of the Roman Empire elected their leaders. In this system, there were senates, consuls, tribunes, perfects, and an Assembly of all male who were free and were Roman citizenship.

During the reign of Diocletian in the Roman Empire, the Roman Empire was greatly impacted by the action of Diocletian. When Diocletian entered his reign, he realized that the Roman Empire was becoming too big for one person to rule and decided that he will split the empire in half into the Eastern and Western Roman Empire in 284 AD, making it more manageable to rule. Although the Empire was divided, the two empires supported and help each other. However, in 376, 410, and 468 CE their northern adversaries had launched an attack on the Empire, which made the empires unable to support one another. As time passed, the division between the empires grew and led to more independence. Later on in 306 AD, a civil war called the Civil Wars of the Tetrarchy occurred between the Eastern and Western Roman Empire which lasted for 18 years. The leader of the Eastern half was Maxentius who was power-hungry had planned to kill leader of the western half, Constantine, by creating a rebellion. Because of Maxentius’ lust for wealth, it led to war. In the end of civil war, Constantine won and the empire was united again. However after Constantine’s death in 337, the empire was divided again by his sons.

Christianity had a huge impact on the Roman Empire. In the beginning, Romans were polytheistic and believed that the gods were the reason for many things. However Christianity began to spread throughout the Roman Empire and many people began to convert. The emperor Diocletian in 303demanded that they will...
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