Causes of Jealousy

Topics: Causality, Experiment, Science Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Tyson Lee
Direct Causes Jealousy.
In the article they discuss the many theories that have been put out there for the reasons of why jealousy happens. Those theories have come out in the past decades, and there are strong supports for any of the theories presented. But the experiments are hard to create the actual emotion of jealousy in a lab setting. The testing of a theory of jealousy concentrating on threats to the self-system, two experiments are tested that try to put the troubles of obtaining the data in previous experiments and argue for an ideal that is focused on unpredictability in self-evaluation. In the first study they had forty six undergrads (females) at Northeastern University participate in the experiment for partial fulfillment of one of a course requirement. The participants were randomly assigned either the jealousy role or the control condition. The primary goals were to demonstrate how jealousy can be created in a lab setting and to look into whether that jealousy is facilitated by the threats to self-esteem. At the end of the experiment and after gathering all of the data the researchers found out that when the lowering of human beings self-esteem begins to happen jealousy begins to intensify. The results of this experiment give strong support for the theory that when ones self-esteem is threatened jealousy can occur. In the second study they had forty three undergrads (thirty female, thirteen male) at Northeastern University and were assigned the same roles as in experiment one either the jealousy or control condition. In the second study hoped to not only get the same results but to further evaluate the theory of jealousy. But this time they were looking for any signs of aggression in addition the self-esteem threat and jealousy. In study number two they found exactly what they were looking for, jealousy is indeed a cause of aggression. There are still a lot of studies to be done to further understand what the causes of...
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