Causes of Aggressive Behavior

Topics: Military, Poverty, Aggression Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Causes of Aggressive Behavior
Aggression can be referring to as a violent action or motion particularly when someone tried to take over control of something that has been established; commonly result in fighting. Aggressive behaviors tend to occur when satisfaction does not meet people’s desire. Generally, rebellion or uprising will be triggered due to improper political management. Rebel behaviors can also involve destruction of private and public property. In the book, A Young People's History of The United States by Howard Zinn. There were enormous amount of aggressive activities in the American history. Aggressive behavior often happened due to government’s lack of protection from the Indians, unreasonable high taxing and unfairness to the soldiers. (Thesis) The first cause of aggressive behavior is the government’s lack of protection from the Indians in the Virginia frontier region. According to the book and the website, in the 1670, most lands of the eastern Virginia were controlled by the wealthy landowners who also known as the Tidewater Aristocrats because they lived in the coastal area of the Virginia ( Many of the ordinary residents were forced to move towards to the West side of the Virginia frontier by the rich landowners (40). Those colonists whom were lived in the frontier region area were called the frontiersmen. Since there were Indians lived there before they moved in. Therefore, the frontiersmen had fights and conflicts with the Native American (40). Never the less, they had requested the Virginia government to provide them protection. This also means they wanted to have the permission to attack the Indians (40). But the government refused to do so because they had spies and allies inside of the Indian societies (40). Nathaniel Bacon, one of the West Virginian farmers whom were not satisfied about how the government responded (40). He assembled a variation...
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