Causes and Effects of Taxes

Topics: Causality, Tax, Taxation in the United States Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Causes and Effects of Taxes
I. Introduction
A. One of the first lessons learned about cause and effect is the very important lesson, "correlation does not imply causation." II. Top two percent of Americans
A. Raise taxes
B. Taxing the rich is good for the economy
III. Cause
A. High taxes
IV. Effects of high taxes
A. Low wages- businesses can’t afford to pay high wages with such high taxes B. High prices- businesses have to raise prices to be able to pay these high taxes C. Lower quality- instead of spending money trying to make higher quality goods and services, businesses must take short cuts to meet their tax payments. D. Loss of jobs- Whether businesses go bankrupt, move to another country with lower taxes, or just have to let people go, these all result in a loss of jobs for many people. V. More effects of high taxes

A. Foreclosures, evictions, and homelessness- people are no longer able to pay their mortgages or rental contracts which leads to foreclosures and evictions, which eventually leads to homelessness. B. Poverty- because of the people not able to live in their homes anymore or live off of their income, our poverty rate goes up, which causes an increase on budgets of government social programs. C. Chronic Recession- high taxation for a longer period of time takes so much away from the government, that we enter a recession and are there until we find a way to fix it. D. Low real tax revenues- The permanent recession and loss of jobs caused by the high taxes causes a drop in government revenue, as economic production drops. If the government were to then raises tax rates to recover the lost revenue, production drops again, and the revenue drops even more. And it would be a never ending cycle. VI. Conclusion
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