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Cause and Effects of Sports Injuries
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Cause and Effects of Sports Injuries

There are many different kinds of injuries that are sustained during activities related to sports. Such injuries are not only sustained during sports activities but may also be sustained through physical activity like walking. Even walking can affect the muscles and may also cause injuries. The people who are involved in sports are more likely to sustain injuries more than the people of the same age who are not into sports. Sports injuries do not mean that one should start avoiding sports. Sports are a healthy activity and have many health benefits that outweigh the costs of sports and the injuries related to sports.

Sports injuries are most commonly caused by training methods of poor nature which lead to structural abnormalities, weakness in tendons, muscles, ligaments and other methods of exercising that are unsafe. The most common cause of sports injuries is poor training. For instance, the muscles of human body need around 48 hours after an exercise to recover fully. If the intensity of exercise and workout is increased after too quickly or it is not stopped if pain is developed, then this can cause serious injuries (Zwick & Kocher, 2014). Every bone and structure in the human body is different from the other and every person has some weak spots in his or her body. Such weak spots leave the human body prone to injuries. The sports injuries usually pertain to legs, ankles, knees and hips, and they include the following Uneven length of the leg/legs

Flat feet or excessive pronation
Over high arches or cavus foot
Knock knee alignment or bowlegged (Leppänen, Aaltonen & Kujala, 2014) The causes of sports injuries may be because of the above mentioned causes. Running during one of the above mentioned causes may lead to injuries that can further cause serious ailments to the muscles, joint and bones. Having different...

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