Cassava Grinding Machine

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Initial Set up & Registration - Ping Fu GUI


Purpose of this document: To help users launch an application using PingFu Graphical User Interface Step 1- End User License Agreement Read the End User License Agreement, and click on the “I Accept the EULA” button.

Initial Set up & Registration - Ping Fu GUI

Step 2 – PingFu Tour The PingFu Tour Dialog will then describe the steps you will be taken through to set up your account.

Initial Set up & Registration - Ping Fu GUI

Step 3- Automatic detection Network Configuration

PingFu will automatically detect whether you are behind a proxy server or a firewall and a message will confirm successful detection. Note: If you are behind a Password protected proxy server, you will be prompted for a username /password Step 4- Registering for a new Ping Fu Account

Initial Set up & Registration - Ping Fu GUI

If you are a new Ping Fu user, you will require to register your copy of Ping Fu by typing in a username, password and email ID and then clicking on “Setup Account in PingFu”. This username/password pair will be unique for the machine on which you have installed Ping Fu. You can use Ping Fu without entering a key for a TRIAL PERIOD of 3 days *PLEASE ENTER A VALID EMAIL ID AS THIS IS WHERE YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD WILL BE MAILED IN CASE YOU FORGET IT. **FOR USERS ENTERING A KEY, THE EMAIL ID THEY HAD SUBMITTED WHILE PURCHASING THE KEY WILL BE TAKEN AS THEIR EMAIL ID BY DEFAULT The same username and password will be used to automatically register you in to the user forums found at . Please use the same credentials to log in and post on the forums For users who have purchased a key, please enter the key as well to enjoy full service. The key can be pasted from the...
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