Casino Quality Management

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Casino Quality Management

The organization that I have chosen for my course project is Casino Arizona. Casino Arizona is one of the many owned and operated Native American casinos in America. Casino Arizona is located on The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian reservation (SRPMIC) east of Scottsdale in Arizona. Casino Arizona has two locations: Talking Stick Resort and Casino Arizona at McKellips. Both casinos are open 24 hours a day and open 7 days a week. The casinos contain over 1600 slot machines, 100 Blackjack tables, 47 poker tables, live Keno, numerous meeting rooms and restaurants. The Talking Stick resort also features a four diamond hotel and spa. Casino Arizona employs over 5,000 people. The casino takes pride in helping the community members of the SRPMIC with on the job training, healthcare and education. Like many businesses in America the casino industry was greatly influenced by the major decline of the economy. At the time the industry was impacted the most Casino Arizona was in the middle of rebuilding Talking Stick Resort. The casino experienced a major decline in revenue and was forced to make major cut backs in order to proceed with construction. The SMPMIC board members voted not to cut any jobs but to reduce employee benefits and freeze hiring. Instead of reducing jobs all full time employees work hours were reduced to 36 hour work weeks. Casino Arizona cut cost to save money to for the Talking Stick Resort. The casino intended to pay for the construction in full.

Problem Statement
Unfortunately in the process of cutting cost a lot of the quality of service was lost. Because of the employees benefits being cut there was a major decline in employee moral. In the casino industry the employees are the front line and represent the company to its customers. When the employees have low moral it is displayed to the customers. Not only did the casino cut back on the employee benefits but it also reduced the budget for complimentary for the customers. This infuriated the customers. Customers started going to other casinos and writing complaints to management. Like most businesses the casino business revenue is a major factor. The casino industry is based on entertainment and customer service. So a major gain for quality management would be an increase in revenues. Majority of the casino employee work for a tip based salary. So the more customers that visit the casino the better opportunity the employees have to make more tips. An employee making more tips also increases the employee morale. The employees of the casino are the front line that interacts with the customers. After the hiring freeze customers started to complain about the lack of staffing. The customers were being inconvenienced with the longer waits for services. Casino Arizona needs to implement a better system to hear the voice of the customer.

Literature Review
Employee Retention
Employee retention is an organization ability to retain its employees. When an organization experiences a high turnover rate it is usually a problem with the management staff. Employees will not stay with an organization whose management is poorly trained and lacks people skills. According to Rick Johnson employee retention has two key factors: Leadership skill of management and Human resource strategy. Leadership skills are critical in retaining employees (Johnson). A good manager must know how to effectively communicate with employees to obtain the best results. Managers should have to ability to encourage their employees to listen and not feel the need to defend themselves. There is “No such thing as constructive criticism” (Johnson). When people are criticized they immediately become uncomfortable and feel defensive. A manager should process to skills to reshape the conversation into a positive issue. When approaching a situation a manager should always have a suggestion of positive...

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