Case Study: Toyota’s Team Culture
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Case study: Toyota’s team culture
Question 1: Do you think Toyota has succeeded because of its team-oriented culture, or do you think it would have succeeded without it?
At first, we must recognize that Toyota cannot succeed without its team-oriented culture. The design process of a new car needs a concerted effort, not a single person. So for Toyota, without team work means without innovate and without power to development. The team-oriented gave a potential for Toyota to get higher level of output without input increase meantime. At the same time, the result of strive of members in a team make the level of performance greater than summary of each member’s performance. So if Toyota haven’t carry out the team-oriented measure, it would not succeed.

Question 2: Do you think you would be comfortable working in Toyota’s culture? Why or why not?
I think I will not be comfortable in Toyota’s culture. Because I consider that I prefer complete a work by myself, in the other word, I am not a team worker. When a manager select members for a team, he must consider whether the person a team worker or not. If put a person like me into a team in force, not only I cannot help my team’s work more effective but also will decrease my team members’ morale and their satisfaction. So the better choice is not to put me in a team.

Question 3: In response to the recession and the firm’s first-ever quarterly loss, Toyota’s managers accepted a 10 percent pay cut in 2009 to avoid employee layoffs. Do you think such a response is a good means of promoting camaraderie? What are the risks in such a plan?
I think this is a good measure to promoting camaraderie in this special period. The reason is that managers’ pay cut shows that managers willing to take charge of this loss and shows their determination and faith to deal with this problem with its team together. And this measure gives employees confidence and decrease the loss of human resources. But it also have risks, for example,

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