Case Study Report on Corporate Communications- Denshaw Moors/ Saddleworth/ Eon

Topics: Wind power, Wind farm, Wind turbine Pages: 12 (3796 words) Published: November 13, 2008
Executive Summary

This report was created to analyse and evaluate the E ON/Denshaw case study and identify the communication processes and techniques used by E ON/UU and the opposition groups. It is then discussed how to improve its corporate communications strategy through the recommendations. The analysis undertaken within the report consisted of closely studying the case study and noting the various strategies used in each parties communication process. Studies were also taken out to determine the issues, stakeholders and publics that would be affected by the case. The report finds that the opposition groups had the most successful communication strategy as they maintained key relationships and communications principles such as; Media relations, built reliable contacts, communicated effectively and developed trust and understanding. It also finds that although E ON/UU’s strategy was typical of corporate communications it lacked depth and efficient research into understanding its market. It is recommended that E ON/UU’s strategy could have been improved by taking the following steps

Maintained media relations
Identifying and communicating with key stakeholders
Developed trust and understanding
Undertaking a thorough communications audit
Creating a SWOT and PEST analysis to determine and analyse important external and internal factors.

The Issues

With regard to the proposed wind farm being built on Denshaw Moore, by Britain’s largest integrated energy supplier, EON; it is evident that there are various issues concerning the application. The issues raised, concern the local community and the location of the wind turbines, together with the lasting effect on the environment. The local community have a strong notion and fuel their anger by saying there is no place for wind farms on Denshaw Moore. In spite of this, they continue to express that they do not contest wind farming all together; however turbines should be placed out at sea or for developments to be less intrusive and to make use of the other potential sources of energy, such as water. Eon respond to this argument by quoting that turbines need to be onshore and offshore in order to meet government targets for renewable energy. Both advocates and the government have also been careful to try and place most emphasis on developing wind offshore, although that is not without its problems, (Alan Wick) especially where consultation of fishermen has been inadequate or insensitive and has therefore led to conflicts over seabird populations.

Claims have been made from the local community, stating that property prices within the local area will plummet due to the construction of the turbines. However, Eon refuse to use this as a valid argument against the proposed wind farm as they say that there is no evidence to support this statement.

A document has been found stating that the land has to be specially controlled using traditional faming methods under a government funded scheme (ESA) in order to protect and enhance wildlife, landscape, and historical artefacts. However the area is not subject to such tight regulations as it is just outside the boundary of the National Park so therefore E. ON have leverage.

Saddleworth Archaeological Trust has registered an objection to the Wind farm on the grounds that archaeological remains have been discovered, with the prospect of many moor yet to be discovered. EON would respond with the dispute that this argument doesn’t stand because the benefits of the wind farm outweigh that of the the need to preserve the artifacts.

Early in the proposal stages of the wind farm. United utilities received bad press when it emerged that the chief executive receives a salary of £1.1m and other senior members of staff receive big pay packets. United Utilities responded with the claim that these were the results of long term rewards that have been backdated, however residents still feel that the company...
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