Case Study Penang Mutiara

Topics: Capacity utilization, Quality of service, Hotel Pages: 4 (2071 words) Published: May 14, 2015
Case study Penang Mutiara
Topic Operations Performance: The five operations performance objectives, Also see lecture materials Chapter 2 Hayes and Wheelwright’s four stages of operation contribution. Topic Operations Strategy: Order winning and qualifying objectives Cost-being productive, quality-being right, speed- being fast, dependability-being on time and flexibility- being able to change. . 1.Quality: Other staffs members can help one and other and make sure they have the correct knowledge. This will save the company testing their employee’s knowledge. Also the fact that staff members are providing a quality service to customers could potentially increase staff morale because they see that their customers are happy with their quality service and encourages them to keep a high level of quality. If conformance quality is high in all the operations processes and activities very few mistakes will be being made. This generally means that cost is saved, dependability increases and (although it is not mentioned explicitly in the chapter) speed of response increases. This is because, if an operation is continually correcting mistakes, it finds it difficult to respond quickly to customers requests.2.Speed: Because staff have to give a fast response, this will help maintain dependability as they will be on time. The fact that staff must be able to do more than one job, this shows that speed helps them be more flexible.3.Dependability: helps improve speed internally because they are keeping up with their promises. It prevents lateness causing disruption and wasted time and effort, therefore saving cost and giving an organisation the stability which allows it to improve its efficiencies.4. Flexibility: namely flexibility speeds up response, flexibility saves time (and therefore money), and flexibility helps maintain dependability.5. Cost: If managed properly, high quality, high speed, high dependability and high flexibility can not only bring their own external...
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