Case Study Of PEI Products Lab Calendar

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PEI Products Lab Calendar
Executive summary
Products lab calendar App is digitized experience of
booking resource in the laboratory for use. This aid in
eliminating the exhaustive manual process which is by
means of spread sheets today to book the equipments
for the day to day work.
By: Samanvitha Ananth
Email :
Mobile : +91 9620000011
Rachna Verma
Email :
Mobile : +91 9663819234
Product Lab calendar App
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PEI Products lab works on testing the FD range of products, LV, LV switch gear and
control products, Wiring devices, Environmental tests, EMI/EMC and so on…. The lab
comprises of test...

are used for testing and
some smaller equipments or instruments like multimeter, ammeter, voltmeter are used as
well. The equipments required for testing is booked manually with an “excel sheet”
maintained by an incharge today. This becomes cumbersome as traceability is an issue
and also brings down the efficiency of the test personnel.
“Product lab calendar App” targets to minimize the effort required by a testing personnel
to reserve any equipment required for testing and execute the test hassle free which
improves the efficiency. The major advantage foreseen with this application is the “ease
of use and easily available” which makes life easier.
Product lab calendar app helps the user and the requestor to view the equipments
available for testing. It gives an advantage to the lab personnel as a user to book, cancel,
modify and view the equipments and its status.
How does it work from User Perspective???
Each user will have a login ID and password to access the equipment booking app. The
homepage to look like below(construction only). Every user depending on the access
provided to him/her can access the application accordingly – for booking /...

To have a view on the history of the reservation, there is an option of < Booking history >
in the homepage. This option provides the complete history or
· Who has done the booking
· Against what testflow request, the booking is done
· How long the booking is retained
· Booking can be seen for the current, previous and future dates
Figure 6: Booking history window to check the equipments booked
A notification will be going to all the users when the booking date is 3 days away “ you
have booked ……. Equipment with ……. Equipment ID for …… test type….
If any equipment is under maintenance or under calibration, a notification will pop up
once the log in page is opened stating – “ The required equipment ----- is under
calibration / maintenance. Will be available for booking from …… date”. If there is any
new addition or deletion of the equipments in the inventory, notification will go to the user
about the same. Later the user can also view under tab any time to know
the equipments which are under calibration or maintenance and are not available for
This would help the user to plan the booking as required to their projects.
Product Lab calendar App
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