Case Study of Clinics System

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This article talks about analyzing the most common problems that companies face . Many of the projects and existing companies suffer from the lack of management including the administration and the potential and even the level of it's employees . This is what we found in the medical clinics. specialties where were many problems were noticed in all of its parts : Dental, Urology, Women and generate, Kids, Medical tests and all these disciplines are managed by only one person who suffers in order to accomplish all his tasks . The way fills are documented is very complicated for example, if the secretary wants to have the files of this year and extract named costing time and effort, was this problem first thing we noticed in the complex and based on that we will begin to find a solution to this problem

Major problems:
Since starting work inside the compound they use files hand to record the patients and their reviews, where each patient file contains several data include the patient's name, age, blood type and sex are given a number for each file to facilitate the process to save the file and clear from the foregoing difficulty of dealing with the files given to the accumulation of files since the time earlier and the increasing number of new patients

In addition to this there are a lot of problems, including

1.Lack of computers and mainly dealing with securities
.Difficulty arranging files and archiving and retrieval2
3.Difficulty of dealing with Patients

As we talked about the problem that faced by the clinic center which summarized in difficulty of the secretary work, where she is suffering from the large number of traditional files, and lack of requirement like computer , we noticed that we need to solve these two things at first.

The main problem that we noticed as we talked is the large number of traditional files, which is difficult to sort these files for each patient, where everyone of them have a...
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