Case Study Nike’s Csr Challenge

Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Management Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Case Study Nike’s CSR Challenge
Case Questions
1.In referring to the opening profile and the closing case for this chapter, discuss the challenges regarding corporate social responsibility that companies in the apparel industry face in its supply chains around the world? -There have been cases reported abusive treatments in more than a quarter of its South Asian plants. Another report is that 25%-50% of factories in the region restrict access to toilets and drinking water during the workday. The same percentage that was reported also applied to factories denying workers at least one day off of the seven days they already work. -Nike’s CSR Challenge highlighted that difficulty of bring wholesale to change to a company that isn’t centralized. Instead the challenge is now to reform the way business is done. Leadership was traditionally seen as guiding your employees towards the goal of the company. What is need is a more open form of leadership that calls for collaboration among mutually dependant parties in order to solve systemic problems. -The challenges are too reshape the signals being given out by its supply chains group to itself and its competitors. So that the companies can operate in a sustainable and just way, which is also financially viable. 2.Discuss the meaning and implications of the statement by a Nike representative that “consumers are not rewarding us for investments in improved social performance in supply chains.” -Nike starts to create a positive environment. Change the system for upgrades. Doing this will being more consumers, and brining feedback from consumers will help Nike continue forward. 3.What does it mean to have an industry open-systems approach to social responsibility? What parties are involved? Who are the stakeholders? -To have an industry open-system approach to social responsibility means to understand that the future depends on the way customers, suppliers, investors, regulators, and others relate to it. -The...
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