Case Study Gamestop Digital Firm

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Case Study – “GameStop” Digital Company|
Information Systems Management Post-Module Assignment Lecturer – Dr. Marta Sabou| |
MODUL University Vienna


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1. «GameStop» Digital Firm – Overview
In my research I would like to point out gaming industry as a very profitable e-commerce sphere and as an example present a company named «GameStop».

«GameStop» was originally founded in 1984 in United States of America, as a small software retailer in Texas region.

In 2009, «GameStop» took a major step by initiating a digital growth strategy that incorporated a Nov. acquisition of Jolt Online Gaming, an Ireland-based publisher of free-to-play titles.

In 2011, the company again carried out on its digital expansion strategy, obtaining streaming technology company “Spawn Labs” and digital sharing service “Impulse”.

At the moment the company operates around 6,700 retail shops around the world and is commited to distribute great video games to customers, despite of how and where they play. «GameStop» is ranked as one of the world's largest multichannel game retailer.

This organization offers consumers the most up to date hardware, game accessories for next generation video game systems and the PC. In addition, their buy, sell, trade politics creates value for customers while recycling products no longer being played.

The motivation on why and to which extent the chosen firm is considered to be digitally operated is due to the fact, that «GameStop» reported $290 million in sales from its “digital offerings,” which it said was up 61% year-over-year.

That total, which includes sales of subscription cards for online video game services like Xbox Live, as well as PC downloads, still pales in contrast to the company’s general sales, which were around $9.47 billion.

2. Data stored in «GameStop» database. CRUD model....
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