Topics: Strategic management, Typography, Competitor analysis Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: September 8, 2011
ComponentPoints ReceivedPoints AllowedExpectations
Executive Summary10Concise, no more than a half to three quarters of a page. Originality15Paper is an original work, and contains little content (very minimal, if at all) from team analysis reports or other submissions. SWOT20Each section clearly labeled, focuses on tactical and strategic management issues, and does not recount videos or issues with individual employees. Market Analysis20Market research and analysis on the state of the online shopping and gaming market: Size of market, demographics, market trends, potential , etc. Competitive Analysis20Market research and analysis on the state of CanGo’s competitors in various market segments. Research at least three competitor’s product and service offerings, detail their relative strength and weaknesses vs. CanGo. Financial Analysis20Analysis and recommendations of Can Go’s current financial state, the impact of your recommendations on the company’s finances, any necessary financial planning required. CanGo’s position vs. competition and industry average liquidity, debt, profitability and efficiency ratios – and what they all mean to the company. Strategic Planning Recommendations20Actionable market, competitive and financial guidance to the CanGo board supported by research, facts and figures – not generalizations. Ethics and social conscience should be considered and included Conclusion10Concise, no more than a half to three quarters of a page. Project Format and Writing Quality: Title page, page numbers, headers, font, font size, length, and references page, APA compliance, writing quality15Report is formatted using this Rubric document as a guide for content and sections. Tone addresses the CanGo board directly and professionally. Core paper length 2,000-2,500 words (no limits on appendices for Gantt charts, financial analyses, supporting documentation). Report is APA-compliant with accurate in-text citations supporting full...
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