Case Study #2

Topics: Management, Assessment, Requirement Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Chase Rushing
Darryl Pulliam
Case Study #2
Human Resources

1. Brenda was called an exceptional employee before the company underwent changes. The changes required more telecommuting and positional autonomy in Brenda’s position. The new responsibilities were added to her job description without any discussion of the expectations by her superiors. Brenda’s manager did not evaluate her fairly due to the fact the he did not previously determine her requirements, so that she could do it to the best of ability. The evaluation of the newer responsibilities of her job was less than satisfactory, even though she had been given no guidelines. Brenda and Martin can reach a satisfactory result, but only if both are willing to compromise, until then this is unfair judgment. 2. There are numerous of ways that a company may be able to measure competencies of employees. Organizing the process of evaluation should be the first step to assist each employee on a level playing field. Almost like a benchmarking form that will allow you to gauge your employee’s competencies on each determined task will help you keep a precise record of each employee. As a manager you should create a value on each category of assessment and the level of each response to properly measure each assessment. You should have responses that offer the most detailed measurement possible. Also creating an objective assessment environment will influence employees to improve their performance. Next test each employee after making your objective observations. And finally provide positive feedback to your employees. 3. Finally as a company Manager and/or HR person should always have a planned requirement of each employee to avoid low performances levels. To prevent this company should organize what they want from each employee to achieve their goal to have a great functioning company.
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