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Topics: Marketing, Business-to-business, Electronic commerce Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: December 16, 2012
1) C2b - Consumer-to-business (C2B) is a business model in which consumers (individuals) create value, and firms consume this value. For example, when a consumer writes reviews, or when a consumers gives a useful idea for new product development, then this individual is creating value to the firm, if the firm adopts the input. Excepted concepts are crowd sourcing and co-creation. Another form of C2B is the electronic commerce business model, in which consumers can offer products and services to companies and the companies pay them. This type of sites is the least widespread among the types of sites for business under consideration.C2B websites allow the consumers to set prices for the goods they want to purchase themselves. The selling company can make the final decision being guided by the information about the current purchase requirement. The C2B website acts as a mediating broker which finds the seller who is eager to sell the goods for the price formed according to the consumers' propositions. Customer to Business (C2B), sometimes known as Consumer to Business, is the most recent E-Commerce business model. In this model, individual customers offer to sell products and services to companies who are prepared to purchase them. This business model is the opposite of the traditional B2C model. C2B has come about as a result of two major changes. Unlike traditional media, which are unidirectional, the Internet is bidirectional, making this type of relationship possible. In addition, the decline in the cost of technology means that individuals now have access to technologies such as powerful computer systems, audio and video capture systems and other digital technologies that were once the exclusive province of large companies. - is an online community of professional freelancers you can outsource work to as and when you need it. Hire reputable freelancers to, get the right...
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