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Topics: Customer, United Breaks Guitars, Customer service Pages: 3 (532 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Case: Shouldice
Questions for Discussion
1. What is the bundle of benefits purchased by the consumer? In other words, what is the Shouldice value proposition? In what ways is Shouldice’s offering different from other hospitals?
2. What is the target group of customers, and what do they have in common apart from a hernia?
3. How are the benefits delivered to those customers—how does the production process work? You might like to think of this as a factory with people as the work in process. Does the production or delivery process match the value proposition? 4. Analyze Shouldice’s performance and processes on the five dimensions of service quality: reliability, responsiveness, empathy, assurance, and tangibles (See Chapter 6 for the SERVQUAL measure). How does each dimension contribute to Shouldice’s overall image or position in the marketplace?

5. Does Shouldice offer a superior value proposition relative to its competitors? How successful is the Shouldice Hospital? How do they balance low cost with high quality?

Case: Jyske Bank
Questions for Discussion
1. What is Jyske Bank’s new positioning or competitive differentiation strategy? 2. What changes did the bank make to get to its new position? What effect did these changes have?
3. Analyze Jyske Bank’s success using the Service Quality Gaps Model found in Chapter 2. What are Jyske Bank’s strategies for closing the 5 gaps in the model? 4. In your opinion can Jyske Bank sustain its growth and success? Would you invest in Jyske Bank?

Case: United Breaks Guitars
Questions for Discussion
1...Evaluate United’s response to Dave Carroll’s video. What did the company do right? What did the company do wrong?
2. W hy was Dave Carroll’s video seen by so many people in such a short time? 3.. Describe a better approach United could have used in this situation to recover from the poor service to Dave Carroll.

4. How should companies prepare to meet the challenges presented by user-generated complaints,...
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