Case Paper 5

Topics: Leadership, Management, Kurt Lewin Pages: 3 (528 words) Published: April 19, 2015
Case Paper # 5:
1. What critical factors will affect Robert’s success as a leader? Do you believe these factors would be the same if success were defined as group satisfaction rather than group productivity? A crucial critical factor that will affect Robert’s success as a leader, is if the people Robert serves as a leader for respects him and obeys his wishes for the greater good of the company. This critical factor is crucial for the reason that if the people that fall under Robert under the chain of command do not respect him as not only an individual but as a leader, the rate of productivity well be fairly miniscule, thus will not bring matters to Robert and will eventually take a role as their own leaders. However, I hypothesis that the factors of this situation would be exactly the change regardless if the definition of success would be changed or not. Group satisfaction, is directly related to the group productivity, and group productivity is directly related to group satisfaction, that is how I see it personally. 2. Do you think that Robert can choose a leadership style? If so, describe which leadership style would be most effective for him. If not, why? I do believe that Robert can choose leadership style. A leadership style that would be the most effective in this type of work environment would be a command and control leadership or an Innovative leadership. As far as the command and control leadership it would be quite handy in this type of office job. Robert would abide by the rules thus his workers will as well. As far as if it will be effective it will, especially in situations where deadlines are at stake and time is limited as well as if safety is at stake. Although, for Innovative leadership style it would also be extremely effective in my opinion. Especially since on of the major characteristics of an Innovative leader ship is the ability to see what is not working and bring new thinking and action into play. As well as an Innovative...
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