Case: Alabama Office Supply

Topics: Sales, Mobile phone, Left-wing politics Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: September 15, 2011
In this Case Judy Allison is coming over to close a sale with Bill Taylor. Judy is a salesperson for cellular phones. She called the company first and dropped of a sample for the executives to try them out. The executives really liked them so they decided to order four cellular phones. Judy Allison, the salesperson promises to drop of the ordered phones tomorrow and the deal is almost closed. After talking about the great benefits of the cellular phones suddenly the conversation is going in a completely different direction, where the buyer comes up with the subject that the salespersons product carries a certain risk of causing cancer. The Buyer points out that many companies have not acquired cellular phones because of that reason yet. Judy Allison should not really respond to that risk but should rather nicely try to get out of the conversation and leave. Although the Buyer already gave her the order she should not consider the sale final until she has the buyer’s money. Referring to the risk of cancer the buyer can still change his mind even though he gave the salesperson the order already. It would be unwise to continue talking about the phones or even the fact that they carry the risk of causing cancer at this point because the buyer might changes his mind and decides not to buy the phones. It is very important to finalize the sale as quick as possible after the buyer decides to make the sale. The Bill Taylor even might asks himself after the salesperson leaves if he has made the right decision or if he is putting the people that are using the cellular phones in danger. However it is a lot harder for Bill Taylor to change his mind and not make the sale without Judy Allison being there. This is just another reason why the salesperson should leave right after making the sale because with the sales person already having left it would take a lot more effort to recall the sale for the buyer.
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