Case 1 - The Plantation

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Case 1: The Plantation
The main problem in this case for Roger Owens is that he bit off more than he could handle with The Plantation on Lake Oconee. He was having a hard time generating business to not only the golf course and clubhouse, but also and more importantly, getting people to buy homes in the housing development on the property. He needs to sell the properties in the housing development to be able to keep up with his loan payments and eventually own The Plantation outright. All of his assets including his Jiffy Lube business are at stake, and will need to be sold to pay off the bank loans if he cannot get these properties sold. 1)I do believe that the team sales approach would work in other sales organizations. I think that when sales teams work together and collaborate, they are successful. For example, in this case each person of the team was credited for what they are best at, but it was also acknowledged that they would not be able to be successful without each role. When part of a smaller sales team, especially, members are constantly able to teach and learn from one another, and most importantly encourage one another. 2)I think that past sales successes of an organization are definitely good indicators of future opportunities. Questions I would have asked Dan Cross would be, has his team ever worked on similar projects with such high stakes? I would ask what percentage of homes listed with his team have been sold in the past year and I would also ask about the sales team in general upfront, who on the team is responsible for what? (The case did describe team strong suits, but as far as the interview process goes, I feel it would be a good question to ask) 3)I feel the “cowbell” theory could work in other sales and marketing organizations. The case describes the “cowbell” theory as being when one cow discovers something fascinating or tasty, other cows will follow. To me, this means that if a brand catches onto something trendy, for...
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