Cartier's Trinity Ring

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Photo Jean-Jacques l'Héritier © Cartier

« Cartier is jeweller to Kings, King of jewellers »
Edward VII, king of England

A : Cartier’s History
Cartier has one of the highest recognition and the longest history in the jewelers industry. It has been favored by aristocracy and stars for hundreds years. No matter fine jewelry or watches series, Cartier is conveying noble value that belongs to its exclusive brand, basing on its excellent craftsmanship, professional technique and unique character. Cartier legend originated from 1847. Louis Francois Cartier purchased his first jewelry shop in Paris and established Cartier jewelry shop formally. At the time, Paris had just come out from the Algerian war and from the throne battle. Cartier fortunately got the recommendation of Princess Mathilde who is the young cousin of Napoleon III, so that his business was boosting continuously. In 1902, business of Cartier had already expanded from Paris to London and New York, and New York became headquarters of Cartier kingdom gradually. Experienced only two generations of business, Cartier achieved the title of "King of jewelry", that was called worldwidely. With a reputation as the kingdom of jewelry, Cartier became the Queen's royal jeweler in Europe. It gained the reputation called "the jewelry and treasure businessman of the emperor and the emperor of the jewelry and treasure businessman", which is widespread. British Royal Family had ordered 27 Cartier crowns used for coronation. Furthermore, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Egypt, the Prince of Orleans Family of France, Morocco and Albania Royal family also appointed Cartier as the Royal jeweler. The third generation of Cartier is three brothers: Pierre, Jacques and Louis. They not only satisfied their distinguished customers in gorgeous shop, but also traveled around the world constantly to collect valuable materials. Pierre went to Russia personally, searching for best quality enamel and precious jade which can be carved into animals. And Jacques went to the Persian Gulf to find perfect pearl. He also proceeded towards India, carrying beautiful jewelry of local maharajah. Pierre and Jacques also partner purchased a large number of pearls and precious stones from India prince. Cartier jewelry influenced by culture in Russia, Egypt, Persian and Paris and other places deeply, especially the spiritual inspiration which was full of oriental feeling. It expressed features of foreign culture that's a reason why you have animals in the Cartier collection. They learn a lot from the different culture.

Cartier began to produce watches since 1888. Well-known models included "Santos" in 1911, pleated and covered watch buckle which got patent in 1909, "Tank" in 1919 and the like. During 1928 to 1930, the mix of platinum, quartz and rectangular diamonds became the significant symbol of "White Era". Under the management of Louis, business of Cartier expanded ceaselessly and exuded infinite charm. The analyze we can do on Cartier is like a lot of luxury brand. Cartier is using his past and his history to value the brand and the craftsmen. It s a company which is playing on timeless, culture, nostalgia of a vanished past and a royalty. One big difference to the other famous luxury brand is Cartier is playing on the aristocratic world where people are looking for the finest and the most beautiful pieces of jewelers. Cartier is known because the first audience was some very important aristocratic people like Napoleon III, or many people from the world of art like the famous Jean Cocteau. When we take a look of the website of Cartier we can found that Cartier is using the red color. The red color is associated to Mars, the god of war. It's a male color attributed to the burnish and the violence. It's also the symbol of the passion and the of limit love. Like Van Gogh wrote: "j’ai tenté d’exprimer les terribles...
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