Life Of Jacques Cartier

Topics: Jacques Cartier, Saint Lawrence River, Iroquois Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: February 26, 2014
The Life of Jacques Cartier
Jacques Cartier was born December 31, 1491 in St. Malo. He was a respectable mariner. In 1520 Cartier married a rich woman named Mary Catherine des Granches. France sponsored Cartier for his voyages. He was sponsored by King Francis. Cartier’s first voyage was in 1534. Cartier was searching for a western route to Asia. During his first voyage he explored parts of Newfoundland and discovered new species of birds. On May 19 He set his second voyage with three ships and 110 men and two natives. They discovered the St. Lawrence River. During this voyage, he met the friendly Iroquois Indians who had scurvies then passed the scurvies to the crew. After, the Iroquoians gave them white spruce tree boiled in water that cured them. On October 17, 1540 Cartier was assigned chief navigator on the voyage to set up a colony in Canada. On May 23, 1541 he went out to sea with five ships. He established a permanent settlement along the St. Lawrence River and named it the Charlesbourg-Royal colony. Then Cartier went away on a search for Saguenay. When he came back the Iroquoians turned on them and killed 35 settlers before they could retreat. During this voyage, he experienced diseases, bad weather, and hostile natives. Cartier claimed Canada for France. He was the first European to travel inland in North America. He set up the Charlesbourg Royal Colony. Cartier died, sadly, on September 1, 1557 possibly from typhus. He died at the age of 66. Cartier should be remembered because he was the first to acknowledge that the new world was a separate continent, he opened up a waterway into North America, claimed Canada for France, designated the territories of the shores of the St. Lawrence River, and was the first to document the name “Canada.”
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