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Topics: Skin, Melanin, Ultraviolet Pages: 2 (893 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Unit 4 Case Study 1: Overcoming the Perils of Canoe Lake
Identify Threats:
Threats of overheating: Lipids released by lamellar granules inhibit evaporation of water from the skin surface, thus guarding against dehydration. The skin regulates the body temperature by sweating at its surface and adjusting the flow of blood in the dermis. The body has an internal temperature control mechanism that under normal circumstances regulate the body’s temperature within normal limits. When the body is unable to cool itself down and the body temperature rises over 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the body begins to overheat in the following process from heat cramps to heat exhaustion and eventually heat stroke. Threats of sunburn: Sunburn increases the risk of skin cancer and it makes you look older than you actually are. When the skin is damaged by the Ultraviolet rays, the skin cells are broken and the blood vessels are damaged. Sunburn takes a few hours from the exposure for the effects to appear but in this duration the skin is affected. If the sunburn causes blisters, upon rupture of these blisters infection can occur. Eyes can be burned as well by the UV rays. Threats of Deep Cuts: Deep cuts can lead to the introduction of foreign bodies under the skin leading to infection. If an infection is not properly treated by medical professional staff, infection could become much severe leading to staph or gangrene, or leading to amputation in worst case scenarios. Deep cuts extend into the dermis or hypodermis, resulting in scar tissue, healing occurs in four stages the inflammatory phase, which a blood clot unties with the wound edges, the migratory phase, is when the clot becomes a scab over the cut to form a repair bridge, proliferative phase epithelial cells, collagen fibers and blood vessels grow, maturation phase is when the scab falls off and the epidermis has been restored to normal thickness. Harmful organisms that get onto skin from the lake: bacteria,...
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