Career Research Paper: Army National Guard

Topics: United States Army, G.I. Bill, Military Pages: 4 (1260 words) Published: October 22, 2003
Career Research Paper: Army National Guard

The Army National Guard is a whole new way to serve. It's all about commitment to help communities in need. It's solid dedication to the country in war and in peace. They form an elite team that shares similar core values, convictions, and beliefs. To be in the National Guard can mean serving the country part-time, one weekend a month and two weeks a year as most Guard members serve. This is what makes them different from the other branches of the military. Experiences will be gained that would change one's outlook on life forever. Skills will be learned that will last a lifetime. The Guard is a team that values serving others and being the best; a part-time job with full time benefits.

There's an opportunity to split up Guard training during the summers between school years. Qualified juniors can attend Basic Training during the summer before senior year and then go on to Advanced Individual Training (AIT) after senior year. The Guard will help build mind and body, and in Basic Training challenges will be conquered to become stronger, faster, and healthier. Overcoming the physical and mental challenges will instill a growing sense of pride. Basic Training is tough going through nine weeks of intense physical and mental conditioning. People discover confidence, self-assurance, and potential for leadership. In graduating Basic Training, becoming a soldier is the revenue in the Army National Guard.

The Army National Guard has a unique dual mission serving both country and community. For over 365 years the citizen-soldiers have come to the aid of their neighbors during times of need. The Guard involves helping communities during natural disasters and civil emergencies. All around the country the National Guard comes to the rescue saving lives, restoring order, and protecting property, as well as being active in local community organizations that improve the quality of life. Many Guard members live,...
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