Career Goals

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Chapter 10 Writing Assignment

Psychology of Human Relations
In this paper I am going to discuss my career goals and my plans to accomplish them.
When choosing my career (one’s purposeful life pattern of work, as seen in the sequence of jobs held through ones life.) (Duffy, 2005) (Pg. 258) I was looking for something that I enjoyed and something that allowed me to be around other people. I also looked for something that was challenging and could continue to teach me new things.

While determining what job would be good for me I experience different types of jobs. I worked in a factory for a year after high school and that is when I realized that a factory job was not for me.

During the next few years I worked for a couple of different companies, however I never had job satisfaction (peoples feelings about different aspects of their jobs; how well one likes a given job, depending on such factors as pay and coworkers) (Spector, 1996) (Duffy, 2005) (Pg. 272)

I finally found my current job 10 years ago. I really was not looking, however through networking (using personal contacts to establish career opportunities) (Duffy, 2005) (Pg. 268) and getting the word out that I was not happy in my current position my boss now approached me and asked if I would be interested in the transportation field. I decided what the heck, knowing I did not want to work in a factory and that I wanted to work in the business environment I thought I would give it a shot. I finally found something I enjoyed and had contact with a variety of people.

When I started in this field I was not familiar with any area of the transportation business. I found out really fast that no two days are the same and some new challenge is always popping up.
About two years ago I started taking classes to learn more of the management side of the business field and my goal was to be office manager some day. While I still have many classes in front of me I have achieved this goal, starting with the new school year I will be office manager.

I feel I have strong work values (what brings you the most enjoyment of satisfaction in a career or job.) (Duffy, 2005) (Pg.262) I really enjoy the challenge of the day to day job itself, and I pride myself on being at work everyday. I have only called in sick 2 times in the past 10 years. To me this is a great value to have.

During the school year I do not have a lot of leisure (time free from work or duties that may be spent in recreational activities of one’s choice.) (Duffy, 2005) (Pg. 277) However, during the summer I only work 30 hours and have off on Fridays. To me this is important because it gives me precious time with my family.

I feel that my career choice is driven intrinsically because I enjoy the day to day activities that challenge me and bring out the best in me. I plan to continue in this field for many years to come.

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