Career Development

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Career Development Summary
Vang Thao
Career Development Plan
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the
Requirements for MGT 531
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August 12, 2009

Dennis Cashman Ph.D.

Introduction : Kudler Fine Foods
The purpose of this paper is assuming that the author is a midlevel manager of the Kudler Fine Foods team with one first-level managers and five new employees under the midlevel manager’s responsibility. In response to a rapid expansion that has been took place at Kudler Fine Foods, the organic specialty food store, the manager need to develop new strategy how to restructure the new team or employees to further take the company to the next level. This new strategy should include explanation of the following categories: oThe job descriptions and qualifications for new employees including one manager oTraining program to introduce and enhance the skills and qualifications of new and current employees oMethods for evaluating employee and team performance, including a progressive discipline process. This section will also include the human resource management issue or opportunity that impact employees and employer. oChallenges of team performance evaluation, including:

Differences between short and long appraisal systems
Difficulties of evaluating team performance
Unique needs of a team appraisal system
Team motivations and expectations
Individual equity and how it impacts team performance
Strategies to discourage social loafing – encourage team work Individual employee responsibilities towards the team
oStrategies for managing employees’ career development (promotion and educational opportunities, accommodations for diversity, etc.) oA fair and appropriate compensation plan
oIncentive and benefits packages

Workplace Environment
Since the objective and goal is to expand into global market, diversify employment should be an important subject that integrate into this strategic planning stage. Understanding diversity helps managers find value in the employee’s differences and capitalize off of those strengths. Diversity is one vital part in many businesses that expand into global market. This is an opportunity to explore to customers, suppliers, and strategic partner in multicultural. According to Cascio (2005, p119-120) “Managing diversity means establishing a heterogeneous workforce (including white men) to perform to its potential in an equitable work environment where no member or group of members has an advantage or a disadvantage.2 This is a pragmatic business strategy that focuses on maximizing the productivity, creativity, and commitment of the workforce while meeting the needs of diverse consumer groups. It is a first step that gives managers the opportunity to correct imbalances, injustices, and past mistakes. Over the long term, however, the challenge is to create a work setting in which each person can perform to his or her full potential and therefore compete for promotions and other rewards on merit alone.” Job Analysis and Selection

Due to Kathy Kudler is the only main person who runs multiple locations, manpower is required to move this company to the next level. New employees with work ethic, job description, and strategic planning are vital to this company. As described in Cascio (2005), “Organizational culture has two implications for staffing decisions. First, cultures vary across organizations; individuals will consider this information if it is available to them in their job search process.5 Second, other things being equal, individuals who choose jobs and organizations that are consistent with their own values, beliefs, and attitudes are more likely to be productive, satisfied employees.” The next step is “to make intelligent decisions about the people-related needs of a business, two types of information are essential: (1) a description of the work to be done, the skills needed, and the training and experience required for various...
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