Career Development

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Soft skills Pages: 9 (2776 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Career development is one of the most important aspects of modern human work life. More or less, everybody is unconditionally concerned about his/her career development and in one sense this is a basic ingredient of modern human life. So, keeping in mind the importance of this vital factor, we have conceived some very exciting, unique and instrumental career development courses for the subsequent upliftment of the professional careers of all our stakeholders. We have started a firm called “LeaPro” which main vision is to evolve as a premier provider of professional human resource development for the dynamic marketplace. The main mission behind this firm is to serve the young employees with major skills, knowledge and abilities in order to help them move further up the career ladder and consequently increase their market value and salary. We have set strict compliances in terms of our services following the motto that all employees can learn and succeed ensuring no excuses and no exceptions in this regard. Here we have given core attention towards the thorough analysis of various marketing factors along with some basic analysis of financial platform also. Starting with the SWOT analysis, we summarized the various points pertaining to our firm regarding environmental factors. Following this, the marketing objectives and goals of “LeaPro” has been finalized to assign a sound identity to our firm. After that we came up with the most vital part of our firm. We have carried out an extensive analysis cum survey for the various marketing strategies and programs of “LeaPro”. So, within the dimension of this part, we have done extensive analysis of the core marketing factors to ensure the competitive advantages of “LeaPro”. Here the complete analysis of target market, market positioning, product & brand strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy and marketing communication strategy. After formal recording of the output analysis of these core marketing factors, our firm “LeaPro” has assessed the various parameters pertaining to the part of Evaluation and Control like performance measures & Evaluation procedures. Last but not the least, we strongly believe that every organization should have an expertise knowledge towards the various activities under the scope of Financial part, because finally its money who make all these activities possible to happen. Therefore, we have entertained all the probable financial forecasting, projections and action plans of our firm “LeaPro”. So, within the scope of financial part, we have worked out the sales & revenue estimates along with the profit & payback period estimates of our firm “LeaPro” to ensure measurable business indicators. As a whole, our firm “LeaPro” has carried out an extensive, qualitative as well as quantitative and result orientated marketing factor analysis along with some financial analysis to ensure that our firm “LeaPro” is far ahead of other competitors in terms of career development programs or courses.

B. Environmental Analysis
1. Opportunities and Threats
Thailand is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia experiencing a GDP growth of 7.8% in 2010. With the growing economy of Thailand, a large number of people are employed in the government sector, tourism, manufacturing industries, financial service, IT and agricultural which is creating an increasing demand for highly skilled managers capable of undertaking the challenges faced in the various areas of Thai business life and society.

There is a lack of training institutions in Thailand which offers training in soft skills, thus creating an unfulfilled individual as well as organizational need. The current education system in Thailand enables Thai students to graduate with good academic skills but most of the institutes do not focus on soft skills and English learning skills which are necessary to communicate once the students enter work...
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