Career Action Plan

Topics: Goal, Time, Employment Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: May 22, 2012
Sailing With The Wind.
In this century, we seek career paths that can leads us to new employer, enterprenuer ventures or even to succeed in our present positions. There is a need to replace the old traditional concepts with new ones, in order to be successful in this dynamic world. The careers should be managed strategically in various ways like paying attention to how we work and what we do, team skills, multitasking, having a balance speed and accuracy and you’re your reputation.Secondly, being alert to trends and issues that will have a significant impact on career decisions making and opportunities and lastly having a personal goals and positioning ourselves to meet the goals of the employer.

In order for a company to create and sustain a continuous learning, career development and management should be one of the biggest focuses. Companies find it challenging to strike a balance between advancing current employees in place and attracting new skilled ones, so changes in career affects employee motivation, eventual outcome, choices and information. Career management involves continuous self assessment to determine interests, values, and behaviors. A reality check of how employee skills and knowledge are evaluated. Goal setting involves employees setting short and long term career goals.Lastly, action plan to determine how we achieve the goals. I would like to work in a scientific research or medical field in future. I have short term and long term career goals in my life. In short term goals, I want to get a challenging job in the market according to my knowledge and skills, which helps me to learn and to grow as a professional. In my long term goals, I want to improve my knowledge and professional skills in technology and to achieve a position which worth according to my experience and knowledge. In this paper, I will discuss my professional growth plan looking at four main areas such as my preferences, knowledge, skills and abilities,...
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