Care of the Elderly

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Caring for the Elderly
Amy Cobb, RN.
Western Governors University

Providing appropriate discharge planning for an elderly patient can often require a collaborative approach. Elderly patients often require help with newly prescribed medications, meal planning and transportation. This paper will describe several issues that healthcare providers must address when discharging an elderly patient who recently had surgery.

Caring for the Elderly
Elderly patients have many needs that younger patients do not have. Often elderly patients are admitted due to injuries received after a fall or other life changing event. During this time elderly patients often receive new diagnosis’s that require teaching and new medications such as diabetes and hypertension. For this assignment I have been asked to assume the role as the case manager providing care for Mr. Trosack, an 84 year old gentleman recovering from a total hip replacement. Healthcare Issues that Require Intervention

After carefully reviewing the case study involving Mr. Trosack, I have identified several issues that a case manager would need to address prior to Mr. Trosack being discharged from the facility. The first major issue is that Mr. Trosack lives alone in a second floor apartment that does not have an elevator. The second issue identified was that Mr. Trosack does not drive and has no way of obtaining groceries and medication. The third issue identified was that expired medications and scatter rugs were noted to be inside the apartment. Fourth issue identified was that Mr. Trosack’s family members are very busy with their own schedules and unable to provide care for Mr. Trosack. Fifth issue is the family members are very noncompliant with the current medication regimen ordered for Mr. Trosack.. Importance of Selected Healthcare Issues

All of the issues identified above are very important to consider while making the appropriate discharge arrangements for Mr. Trosack. The first issue identified was his current living conditions. This is important to address due to his recent total hip replacement. It will be very difficult for Mr. Trosack to climb up and down the stairs in order to complete his activities of daily living. Considering Mr. Trosack recently had surgery and is now prescribed pain medication, this greatly increases his risk of falling due to the effects of the pain medication. I do not feel like this would be the safest place for Mr. Trosack to complete his recovery.

The second issue identified was the fact that Mr. Trosack does not drive. This issue is important because this prevents him from being able to go buy groceries and medications that he needs. This also prevents Mr. Trosack from being able to keep follow up appointments with his physician. An assessment of the home revealed expired food in the fridge which is a good indication that Mr. Trosack had trouble obtaining groceries even before the accident. The third issue identified was that the home inspection revealed expired medications and scatter rugs. This issue is very important because it presents unsafe living conditions for Mr. Trosack. Considering the patient already has a decrease in vision and wears glasses, it would be possible for him to accidentally pick up an expired medication and take an incorrect dose. The scatter rugs are a danger due to Mr. Trosack is currently using a walker for ambulation. The scatter rugs are a safety hazard and increase Mr. Trosack’s chances of having a repeat fall.

Fourth issue identified was the issue with Mr. Trosack’s son and daughter in law’s busy schedule. This is an issue because they both admit to working over 60 hours a week and do not visit the patient often. This is a concern because with their busy schedules they will not have the time to provide the care Mr. Trosack is going to require. It would be hard for them to manage to find time to take him to the grocery store and to obtain...

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