Discharge Planning

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Kimberley Ayala

Discharge Planning Checklist
Discharging a patient from a hospital setting should be very easy, according to all of the patients that are in the hospital and don’t care about anything at the moment except getting home. While the patient is inpatient there are many things that could go wrong, however in house the patient is being controlled and managed. When a patient goes home there are no monitors or hourly blood draws to ensure their safety and survival. Discharge planning is not easy, and should never be perceived as such. Hospitals must have certain policies in place to ensure the patient and the family understand what to do when they go home, in regards to medications, therapy, etc. In order to meet conditions for discharge planning the hospital must be able to define how the obligation is to be met, determine readiness for discharge, identify who is responsible for the discharge. In order to determine a patient is ready to be discharged, the patient must be no longer in need of acute care services and the patient’s needs for post-acute care services have been identified and plans have been made. Hospitals have a legal obligation to assess the patient’s medical status at time of discharge, take steps to identify appropriate community services that can meet the patient’s needs, and make reasonable attempts to make services known and available to patients. When a patient goes into the hospital they are looking for their life to be saved because of some medical issue. A doctor looks at the patient and determines the medical plan for that patient to stabilize the patient. This could include tests, surgery, medications, etc. While the patient is in the hospital they get transported to and from, unknown medications are provided to stabilize the patient in house. While discharging the patient the hospital must make sure that the patient who was sick coming into the hospital and is now no longer needing acute care services is still...
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