Captain Underpants

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Captain Under Pants!
Harold and George have to write a report on a project for their reading class. Melvin was the school braniac. No one in his class liked him because he was very mean. Melvin went into the rest-room and he put a ketchup packet under the toilet seat so when it closed it squished and this was all blamed on Harold and George. They were very mad because the principal gave them detention during school. At the end of the school day Melvin went home and while in his bedroom the sneezed and dropped his “Combine-Tron-2000” on the floor and he turned into the Bionic Booger Boy.

The next day Bionic Booger Boy went to school. A field trip was planned that day to the tissue factory and Bionic Booger Boy did not like the tissues, and he got mad and threw them at the tour guide. Things exploded then. Melvin began chasing after people. Meanwhile, Harold and George were hiding behind the polka dotted curtains at the factory watching all of the commotion. They called Captain Underpants who was really the principal. One of Captain Underpants lady friends was captured by Melvin along with Harold and George. Captain Underpants saved the day by switching the batteries in the “Combine-Tron-2000” to make it go in reverse and turn Melvin back to the way he was.

Many other exciting things took place during this school trip. Harold and George threw their hands up in the air and said “Here we go again”, and completed the report on the days events.
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