Capstone Project Proposal

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CAPstone Project Proposal

Project Title

Student Name

Language Arts Class
Name of Teacher

Homeroom Teacher
Name of Advisor

December 11, 2009
CAPstone Project Proposal
for Name of Student

Project Overview

For my project, I will be working at name of organization. The work I will be doing is description of the work you will be doing. I plan to accomplish (what result will your work produce? Ex. – build a ramp, paint a mural, collect 100 pounds of food for the food bank, etc.) I will be working by myself/with a partner. My partner is (name here) and (teacher name here) is his/her advisor. Those who will benefit from my/our project are (answer: who will be helped by this project? Describe how they will be helped; ex – wheelchair clients will be able to enter facility, beautify the bus stop, provide 12 meals for a family of four, etc. )


My timeline for completing my volunteer hours for this project is ___# weeks. I will be working ___# hours per week, on (list which days of the week. Ex- Monday & Saturdays). I will be starting on (what date?) and completing by (what date?), for a total number of ____ hours.

Personal Interests and Skills

I am personally interested in this area of work because (describe why are you interested in doing this kind of work.)
The skills I will be bringing to this project are (list your skills and how you will use them.)

Importance to the Community

My project is important to the community because (Describe the problem in the community that you are addressing. Then describe how your solution/project helps solve that problem.)

Materials and Resources Needed for Project

The materials needed for this project are:
• List here

My/our plan to get resources needed is (how you will get the materials you need?) or
Name of your organization will be providing the materials needed.

Safety Concerns

1) There are no safety...
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