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Structure & Function of Biomolecules - Project Work
Along the Structure & Function of Biomolecules course, you will get the opportunity to study a specific topic related to the course more in-depth in the form of a project work. The work will be conducted in groups of four students, and include the search for related information in scientific journals, books and on the internet, summarize your most important findings in a written report and finally present your work orally to the other students and teachers. Once you have formed a group, you select a topic based on the list below. Since several groups may select the same topic, please also select two backup choices. Two groups will be allowed to have the same topic. Once the topics have been divided between the groups, you will be informed of your topic and each group will be given a mentor to assist them throughout the project work.

Below you can find a table describing the different checkpoints in the project work and the dates for when each part of the work should be finished. Further down you can also find a description of what is expected from you when carrying out the different tasks. First you need to form groups and select your projects. Please send an e-mail to Anna Jansson ( at the latest Tuesday November 9, 17:00, containing the following information:

• Complete names of all members in your group
• e-mail address that you check frequently to each group member • Three project topics in the order that you prefer them
If you have not found a group by this time, send an e-mail and tell us, so that we can arrange a group for you.
The topics will then be distributed between the groups, and before 10:00 on Wednesday November 10, you will receive an e-mail informing you on which topic you have received, which group you will be collaborating with in exchanging feedback as well as which mentor you have been appointed.

Task what should be done? by when?
Project plan Write project plan, version one. Friday
12/11 17:00
Feedback from mentor on project plan. Monday
15/11 17:00
Final project plan should be approved. Wednesday
17/11 17:00
Written report Completed first draft of written report. Wednesday 1/12 18:00
Feedback on written report by mentor. Friday
3/12 12:00
Incorporate suggestions from mentor and send this version to both the mentor and opposing group.
6/12 17:00
Give constructive feedback on the written report that you have received from your opposing group. Then send a copy of the
report including your feedback to both your opposing group
and your mentor.
8/12 17:00
Incorporate the feedback from the opposing group into your
written report, and send to your mentor.
9/12 18:00
Second round of feedback from your mentor. Monday
13/12 17:00
Hand in final version of report to your mentor. Your mentor
will make sure that the opposing group receives a copy of the final report.
15/12 10:00
Presentation Go though oral presentation with your mentor. Wednesday 15/12 16:00
Send final version of your presentation to your mentor. Wednesday 15/12 17:00
Present your work to your fellow students, the mentors and
Give oral feedback on the written report and the oral
presentation of your opposing group.
Project plan
The project plan should about one A4-page (absolute maximum two pages) and must include:
Title of the project
Names of group members
Aim of the project or question(s) it tries to answer (1 or 2 sentences) Brief background of the subject of your project
Plan of attack (how are you going to achieve the aim?)
The written report should be 4-5 A4-pages, but not longer than 5 pages. It should contain similar information as the project plan, but also more in-depth information and an overview of the results obtained, a discussion of these results and their interpretation, a set of conclusions or recommendations, and a list...
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