Canterbury Tales Response

Topics: The Canterbury Tales, Woman, Geoffrey Chaucer Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: April 29, 2013
There are over a billion people in this world, an over 50% of them are women. In the current world, they're growing to create an impact in the world. It makes one wonder how they struggled to become what they are today. Many works of literature portray women in two types, those fit and unfit for society. While the two categories may have very different definitions to different perspectives, there isn't a doubt that this has helped society in many ways. One work on literature, which contains both categories, is the The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. The novel describes women who may be shunned by society because of their boldness, while others show women who can get away with anything just because of their status. While the female gender is a difficult subject to tackle, women decide for themselves if they want to please society or not. The novel contains many stories on how females were portrayed during medieval times. A tale in the novel called The Wife Of Bath's Tale, gives a common situation in which a man must pursue a women, but not for marriage. The Knight must find what women desire most in order to not be executed for rape. He finally finds the answer from an old woman, who tells him that all women desire to be in charge of their husbands/lovers. For example, Chaucer writes, “A women wants the self-same sovereignty, over her husband as over her lover, and master him he mustn't be above her (p. 282). “ This statement is more or less true, and is showing how women want to be their own person, but at the same time be viewed as equally powerful to their male counterparts. Women aren't the problem, the problem is what society expects them to be. Although the conflict concerns a man trying to get out of being killed for a crime, the women in this story serve a greater, and thoughtful purpose. Ultimately, the knight marries the old woman, but isn't satisfied because of her appearance. In contrast, the woman doesn't take offense to his behavior, instead...
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