Canterbury Tales Essay

Topics: Catholic Church, The Summoner's Tale, Monk Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: January 3, 2009
Canterbury Tales Essay
Stealing, blasphemy, theft, forgery, all this in a Gods church where all his servants praise and adore him from the most holy to the most respected. The Canterbury tales is a window into the 14th century because it shows the deep corruption in the Catholic Church.

The pardoner, the Friar, and, the Summoner were dishonest in the church. They don’t care for god’s ministry only their benefits. For example, “he had a cross of metal se with stones and, in a glass, a rubble of pigs bones” (tct line 718-719). In addition, “by his flatteries and prevarication made monkeys of the priest and congregation.”(tct line 725) he used to predict the future, lie and make a fool of the church. Furthermore, the friar “therefore instead of weeping and or prayer one should give silver for a friars care.”(tct line 235) “He kept his tippet stuffed with pins for curls and pocket knives, to give the pretty girls” (tct line 236). He would use the young girls and also want money and power. The summoner “why, he’s allow just for a quart of wine any good lad to keep a concubine” (tct 667) “And he had finches of his own to feather” (tct 670). Thus, they wanted power but yet they were hypocrites in their own ministry.

The Nun and the Monk weren’t much disturbance to the catholic monastery. For example, the nun “at meat her manners were all taught” In addition, “no morsel from her lips did she let fall”. She was very clean a decent. Furthermore, her veil was gathered in a seemly way” The monk “many dainty horse he had in a stable” they both cared more of one thing either looks of objects. “Hunting a hare or riding at a fence was all his fun, he spared no expense” “He had a wrought-gold cunningly fashioned pin” Thus, they had their bad sans goods but they weren’t a threat to anyone.

In conclusion, the corrupters of the church and the ones who only wanted one thing either power, money, or attention. They either obtained it by being hypocrite...
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