Cannes Film Festival and Mr. Bean

Topics: Cannes Film Festival, Kill, Mr. Bean Pages: 6 (955 words) Published: July 19, 2014

There’s this girl whose name is Ana, a nurse, who returned home after her duty from the hospital. The next day, all of her neighbors, including her husband, turned into a reanimated creatures craving for human flesh. She escaped and got inside an abandoned mall together with the other survivors. The number of zombies is getting bigger and bigger around the compound so they planned to leave the mall by building two modified buses designed to kill zombies blocking their way and getting a lot of guns and magazines from ammunition owned by another survivor Andy which is nearby the mall. They headed into a bay full of yacht because one of the survivors owns a key of his yacht in that bay. It wasn’t easy to get in there because you cannot almost cross the roads near the mall because all zombies are around the buses. They have lost a lot of people. They were able to get into the bay but only four made it. They sailed until they reached an island. They were attacked by another bunch of zombies and all of them died.


Mr. Bean won a prize in a raffle. It was a trip to a beach in France with some pocket money and a video camera. He started the trip on a train station and all his misfortunes have started. He lost his money, passport and his luggage. He caught himself with Stepan, Emil’s son who is a movie critic in Cannes Film Festival, leaving the train unintentionally. A lot of misfortunes happened to Bean until he was helped by Sabine, an actress in a movie that will premiere in Cannes. They get into the event and Bean, together with Stepan, disguised to get inside the building. The movie seems to be boring so Bean used his video camera to replace the movie with his own video along his trip. The audience were entertained but the director was pissed so he, together with the guards, chased Bean but wasn’t able to get him. Bean unintentionally went in front of the stage and he was applauded together with the director, taking the advantage because they loved the director’s film. Bean went outside and was finally able to get to his destination, French Riviera.


Carter decided to have a bachelor’s party for Scott in Las Vegas. They met their other friend in there together with the girls Carter paid for Scott. They got drunk and the next day, one of their friends is lost together with Nikki, one of the girls that they were with last night. They investigated and went to the places where they possibly are. They saw Kendra, Nikki’s friend, and told them that her friend is missing. They didn’t know that they are dead already because of the secret organization for gambling by using human as their medium for betting by killing them. Scott’s friends were caught and Carter revealed he was a member of the secret organization. Scott was strapped on a chair and Carter enters the “arena” in front of the other members of the organization and there Carter revealed that he wants Scott’s girlfriend. They fought and Scott escaped causing a panic all over the building. Carter was able to escape with a car, leaving Scott in the compound behind the locked gate and the building exploded. Carter went to Scott’s girlfriend and said he was sad for Scott’s death. She told Carter that Scott is not yet dead and then Scott appeared and killed Carter in the garage.


Nick decided to have a new house for his family specifically for his pregnant wife. They bought the house from Chuck and there Nick hired the guy to fix the house because they found molds in the house. Instead of getting it repaired, Chuck destroyed the house and Nick got angry and fired Chuck. He decided to fix the house on his own but it wasn’t easy for him. At the same time, his family was a bit angry to him because of...
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