Can There Be a Love Without Sex?

Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Marriage Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: February 18, 2011
Can there be love without sex in a relationship? Can you have a intimate relationship without having sex? And would it be considered emotionally intimate? Can relationship lasts without a sex? Can two people who are in love share a full relationship without sex? Can there be a relationship without sex? YES!! And I think that is the most passionate love… there can be love in a relationship without sex, there’s lots of things couple can do that will bring them closer and is not sexual, although sex is a natural expression of love in a relationship at some point. You need to be completely upfront with the guy you want a relationship with though. If he has a problem with it, then he doesn’t respect what you are trying to do. They are going to be some guys out there who are going to want to make us change our mind…and it’s horribly selfish of them. Stick to your guns and wait. We’ll never regret that decision. A relationship can work without sex because depending on my age its my choice to have sex if I’m old enough. I think when I find someone I can talk to about anything and they make me laugh and I feel safe, happy and content with them, and then there is no problem. As long as we are both aware that sex is off the record. Sex is not the be all and end all of a relationship. Companionship is more important than anything because when you are old and grey and the sex part has gone, as long as you still make each other smile and are the best of friends, you still have that. Certainly relationships can lasts without sex. Intimacy is a plateau in a relationship that you can get to with or without sex. My mom’s doctor and her husband were married for almost 9 years; lived in the same house, sleep in same bed. They both love each other deeply according to the doctor but then they still haven’t tried sex, there could be underlying reasons behind and whatever it is I knew that they loved one another for the right reasons, not just physical ones, and I knew that if...
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