Human Sexuality Notes

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Complete celibacy - a person who does not masturbate or have interpersonal sexual contact.
Partial celibacy- does not have interpersonal sexual contact, but still masturbates. Celibacy or abstinence is an option until the person is ready for a sexual relationship- and becomes a positive act.

Religion/morals: becoming a priest or a nun includes a vow of celibacy, celibacy until marriage, personal criteria for a good sexual relationship has been met, have experienced sexual confusion or disappointment in the past

-mental experiences (books, drawings, movies, photos) ways to explore and express experiences, feelings, and desires.
Erotic dreams: dreams and orgasm may occur during sleep without a person's conscious direction. Can be logical or make no sense. Wake up with signs of sexual arousal-erection, vaginal lubrication, pelvic movements.

Nocturnal orgasm- involuntary orgasm during sleep

Erotic fantasy: happen during daydreams, masturbation, or sex with a partner. (Images to representations of past experiences)
Functions: source of pleasure and arousal during masturbation or sex with partner, overcome anxiety in a negative sexual situation, "forbidden wishes", provide relief from gender role expectations

Male-female similarities and differences in sexual fantasy
1)frequency is similar for both sexes during sexual activity with a px 2)both men and women indicate a wide range of fantasy content differences:
•men- fantasies more active, focus on womans body and what he wants to do to it. •Woman- fantasies more passive, focus on men's interests in their bodies.

•men- focus on explicit sexual acts, nude bodies
•woman- more emotional context- romance

•men- fantasize about multiple partners and group sex
•woman- submission fantasies

Helpful and healthy aspect to sexuality

-Learning what feels good and what doesn't
-Learning what leads to sexual arousal and orgasm
-Developing erotic turn-on's and fantasies
-Relive sexual tension
-Can be a shared experience!
Who has PV orgasms? (no hands) 19% of females who do not masturbate, 26% of females who do. You don't have to masturbate to have a good sex life.
Men masturbate about 3x more that females- more sexual, more learning Kinsey- woman masturbate more after they reach their 20's than in teens because of an increase in erotic responsiveness, more opportunities for learning about self stimulation, and a reduction in sexual inhibitions Ethnicity and masturbation: white men and women masturbate more than african american men and women. Hispanic woman have lowest rate. The higher the education level the more likely to masturbate. People living with sexual px more likely to masturbate than those living alone.

7 easy non threatening steps to learn self pleasuring
1)look at her own body in private
2)feel her own body
3)touch parts of body that feel arousing
4)try to get sexually aroused (use jellies)
5)extended masturbation- triggers: tighten legs and thighs, head of side of bed, water stimulation 6)male watches her masturbate
7)male imitates- listens to her and does what she likes and what feels good -makes couples feel closer together!

She and her px can explore together
1)diff patterns of clitoral stimulation (circular, up and down, and back and forth) 2)diff levels of pressure: gentle-stronger- pulsing
3)the 3 finger technique (3-4-5) 3 weakest fingers
The frenulum for female – split of each side of minor lips (little man in a boat) see pic.
4) oral stimulation- tongue is moist and too strong

Aspects of interactive sexuality
- Feelings, desires, and attitudes strongly influence choices about sexual activity.

-Sensitivity to you and your px's needs will develop shared pleasure and arousal more effectively than any specific technique. -Mutual consent- sexual activities that both px's...
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